Park update – Tree Cutting in Tividale Park 06/04/18 and 07/04/18

Residents have raised alarm/concerns about the continued cutting / topping of trees near the allotments by council contractors. In March 2018, all the trees were cut down along the driveway from the wonder entrance.

Committee members have contacted the responsible member of the council who was unaware of further tree felling and has since paid a visit to the park. There were plans to top 5 of the trees near the allotments but this is on hold following requests from the Friends group. Memebrs also took issue with the fact that the hedge saplings near the allotments planted last year by Friends of Tividale Park had now been buried due to the work being undertaken.

Presently we are waiting to hear the plans for the driveway area where the trees and the wooden barrier have been taken out. This could be landscaped and wild flowers planted for example.

There are plans to see what other parks have done and transpose benchmarked ideas into the Tividale Park.

There are plans to replace felled trees with Cherry Trees which will benefit wildlife.

Zip Wire and speed signs- progress report March 2018

In September 2017 residents reported the zip wire had broken to the Police Special Constable who contacted Friends of Tividale Park. We informed the council park services but what ever reason, eg change in personal or other, repairs were unable to be completed in 2017.

Further enquiries were made and Friends of Tividale Park were informed (March)

The new cable and trolley are on order for the zip wire along with a couple of others. We have been waiting for a while for the cable as seems to be an issue getting the correct cable suitable for this use from our suppliers. Seems to be a shortage of the correct spec since before xmas.

We will keep this on our agenda until it is repaired.

Following a meeting of FOTP with council representatives we also requested speed warning signs for the park, similar to the ones installed in Victoria Park. This was agreed an an order placed. This is especially significant for whn events are held in the park where there is a lot of traffic using the driveway at the gate by the Wonder Pub.