£2000 Community Grant award – WW1 Commemorative bench, Bespoke Bin for play area, Woodland Magic animals for park – on order/delivered.


The £2000 Community Grant awarded by Midcounties Co-op  has been spent and items for Tividale park are now on order for delivery Late October. We hope to get the WW1 commemorative bench installed for Armistice day.

For the full story see our website Goals page.:

Goals for the Park 2018 – WW1 bench and Bespoke bin

Bees and Ladybirds from Woodland Magic

Vote for new “WW1 commemorative bench” for Tividale Park

In 2018 we secured two grants from the Co-op, the first for chairs which were put to use at our Gala event on 07th July, and £2000 initially earmarked to buy three or four bespoke benches, as per our 2017 goals see http://www.friendsoftividalepark.org.uk/?page_id=702

In March we were consulted by Sandwell Council on the positioning of six new benches which were installed shortly afterwards. Having applied and received the grant money, we have since reconsidered how best to use the money from the Co-op, keeping to the original intent.

Subject Sandwell Council agreement and Co-op agreement Friends of Tividale Park are planning to spend £1786.80 (inc VAT and delivery) on one bench and one pencil bin (to replace the one near the playground) and the balance on wooden art work.

Bench #1 WW1 Commemorative

Bench #2 Lest we forget

The new bin will fit in well with the playground and encourage people to use it rather than the floor. We plan to also apply for Tesco’s Bags for Life for our next grant.

Pencil Bin – to be donated for use by the Playground.

Vote for the bench you want in the park – The votes cast will be added to those of the groups members. The winning bench announced at our next meeting (August 14th).

How to vote: via this post or by email to vote@tividale-park.org.uk

Simply state Bench#1 or Bench#2

Zip Wire and speed signs- progress report March 2018

In September 2017 residents reported the zip wire had broken to the Police Special Constable who contacted Friends of Tividale Park. We informed the council park services but what ever reason, eg change in personal or other, repairs were unable to be completed in 2017.

Further enquiries were made and Friends of Tividale Park were informed (March)

The new cable and trolley are on order for the zip wire along with a couple of others. We have been waiting for a while for the cable as seems to be an issue getting the correct cable suitable for this use from our suppliers. Seems to be a shortage of the correct spec since before xmas.

We will keep this on our agenda until it is repaired.

Following a meeting of FOTP with council representatives we also requested speed warning signs for the park, similar to the ones installed in Victoria Park. This was agreed an an order placed. This is especially significant for whn events are held in the park where there is a lot of traffic using the driveway at the gate by the Wonder Pub.