Park update – Tree Cutting in Tividale Park 06/04/18 and 07/04/18

Residents have raised alarm/concerns about the continued cutting / topping of trees near the allotments by council contractors. In March 2018, all the trees were cut down along the driveway from the wonder entrance.

Committee members have contacted the responsible member of the council who was unaware of further tree felling and has since paid a visit to the park. There were plans to top 5 of the trees near the allotments but this is on hold following requests from the Friends group. Memebrs also took issue with the fact that the hedge saplings near the allotments planted last year by Friends of Tividale Park had now been buried due to the work being undertaken.

Presently we are waiting to hear the plans for the driveway area where the trees and the wooden barrier have been taken out. This could be landscaped and wild flowers planted for example.

There are plans to see what other parks have done and transpose benchmarked ideas into the Tividale Park.

There are plans to replace felled trees with Cherry Trees which will benefit wildlife.

2 thoughts on “Park update – Tree Cutting in Tividale Park 06/04/18 and 07/04/18

  1. Hi Max
    I saw the paperwork that the contractors had yesterday. It was for 6 Poplars to be pollarded. To me it looks quite a bit more than pollarding, as this is a method used to control height of a tree, not all over like the work carried out. Also the 2 trees they have felled (sorry pollarded) are they actually Poplars? I’ve looked at photos of Poplars and the treated trees don’t look like the pictures of Poplars. I’m not sure but maybe we could find out? Sam said they could be Elm or Sycamore in which case why have they been cut?

  2. Message via Twitter 06/04/18 We’re really sorry for the accidental damage to the hedgerow, a large pollarded branch fell onto the hedge, this was removed straight away and any damage will be rectified as soon as possible.;

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