Event Training

Event Training Checklist

Briefing for Volunteers and Security at Tividale Park Black Country Festival.

Arrival Times

Security and Volunteers to be at designated posts for 8.30am. Position (M1 to M8)

Organisers on site from 7.30am

Volunteers on General Duties to assist with traffic control and help to set up camp – please be available from 8.30am Please let organiser know arrival time.


The Event Manager is Max Robinson (identified by red hi viz). Please familiarise your self with the Friends of Tividale Park Marquee, the security and first aid tents.

Telephone number if unable to raise on radio is 07790 600 613

Radio handsets / walkie talkies will be issued to stewards on a need basis.

Site Map and Layout.Click below to view maps.

Stewards and Security will be assigned responsibility areas, identified as M1 to M8. These will be assigned in advance of the event. A check list see end of this presentation be issued to ensure you understand training given.

Emergency planning

In event of suspicious packages alert control and security immediately. See Bomb Threat / Terrorism procedure.
The designated muster point is by the MUGA as shown on the plan above.
Stewards on M2 will report to Gate 2 and direct people to the muster point via the yellow route.
Stewards on M3 will report to near Gate 3 and direct people to the muster point via the white route.
Stewards M4 to M8 instruct people in their area to evacuate.
The order to evacuate will cover over the PA, mega phone and walkie talkie radio hand sets.
Do not return until instructed.


Megan Morris is our duty Child protection officer.
 ll volunteers to have signed on to a Safeguarding Declaration

Food and Drink

Volunteers will be given a £5.00 allowance for lunch and water is available from the marquee

Friends of Tividale Park has Annual Employers Insurance and Public Liability Insurance