Completed Goals for the Park 2018 – WW1 bench and play area pencil litter bin

On November 15th, Friends of Tividale Park members Max Robinson and Sharon Davies took delivery of the bench and pencil litter bin.

These were handed over to Sandwell Council and installed in Tividale Park January 2019

The bench has a plaque “Donated by Friends of Tividale Park and the Midcounties Co-op Community Fund October 2018″.

Donated bench Tividale Park

History and planning of this project.

In 2018 we secured two grants from the Mid-counties Co-op Community scheme, the first grant of £225 for chairs which were put to use at our Gala event on 07th July 2018, and £2000 initially earmarked to buy three or four bespoke benches, as per our 2017/2018 goals see

In March 2018 we were consulted by Sandwell Council on the positioning of six new benches which were installed shortly afterwards. Having applied and received the grant money, we have since reconsidered how best to use the money from the Co-op grant, keeping to the original intent.

Using our social media and combining the votes of our members, the WW1 commemorative bench was selected. The order for this bench was placed after our AGM on Semptember 4th 2018.

The Big Vote

Bespoke bin for children play area

From the same supplier, we have ordered one pencil bin (to replace the one near the playground) and another £75 on colourful wooden art work (wooden bees and ladybirds to be attached to the allotment fence)

The new bin will fit in well with the playground and hopefully encourage people to use it and keep the park tidy.

Location of bin to be replaced with pencil bin donated by Friends of Tividale Park via community grant from Midcounties Copoperative
Ordered 100%
Received and installed
Delivered Waiting Installation 99%

The Bees and Ladybirds were ordered from local company Woodland Magic. click here for their website.

We plan to install these in the park in the spring.

Bees and Ladybirds from Woodland Magic