Park Plans 2019

We have lots of plans for 2019. Here is a preview of what we want to achieve.

Open the Tividale Park Community Centre

Work to achieve this goal has been ongoing for a number of years. When it opens we look forward to there being moms groups, book groups, nature events, knitting groups, neighbour watch, groundwork let play events, and lots of other activities.

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Toddler Play Ground Playground Marking

One of the park moms noted that there were no painted games on the floor of the two play area, for traditional games such as hopscotch etc.

On January 4th 2018, The Friends group arranged for a survey with a contractor and came up with a a number of ideas for the Toddlers area (4 to 8 year olds) and for a daily mile for the park.

Daily Mile Project

Did you know that a 3 laps of the centre of Tividale Park is almost one mile?

The Friends group are planning to mark the start and finish points next to the Exercise Equipment . The route will be indicated by arrows around the at 4 points. This will encourage people to walk to run their ‘daily mile.’

Toddler Play Ground Graffiti Removal

Having tackled graffiti on all the entrances and the older kids area in 2018, the group are focusing on making the toddlers area graffiti free.

We are currently looking at booking Community Payback or other programs or volunteer groups to fix the problem. We are also looking at getting the overgrown trees encroaching on the back of the play area trimmed back.