Meeting Agenda

  • Agenda for Friends of Tividale Park meeting Saturday 19th June 2021 at 11am

Meeting to be held at Meeting venue is  Tividale Community Hub in Tividale Park. On site Car Parking, Teas and Coffees are available. Email for more details. 6.30pm to 8pm

Welcome and apologies

Nikki Garcha and Megan Morris

Visitors and guests


Matters arising from previous minutes.


New business / outstanding actions

  • Project Squirrel – challenge to members in raise £500. Update on Challenge to all members to get donation from local businesses towards Friends of Tividale Park activities. Work together so not to approach same organisation twice.
  • Project Hedgehog – What do you think? Work to date on getting the hub ready for occupancy has been done by Sharon and Max and Brades Lodge. Topics for discussion, now we have set up the community hub, how is going to be booked if you want to use it? What insurance cover does it have, and who is covering it? What about fire, health and safety, theft, break in, lone working, personal security. Publicity leaflets. Key log set up for community
  • Project Robin – Uniplay to mark children’s games and daily mile marking. Council agreed to fund project – Now on Month 5 – any news?
  • Vote to accept new Sandwell Council safe guarding policies applicable to all Friends groups.
  • Vote to accept new Sandwell Council Parks Friends Group Declaration form (DC1) for new members.

Working With Others

  • Brades Lodge
  • Ground work

Exec members reports for period April / May.

    • Treasurer – Sharon
    • Secretary – Sue
    • Deputy Chair – Barbara
    • Chair – Max

Volunteer needed to work with Volunteer Centre Sandwell to promote Community Hub at a meeting in May.   Contact Ivy Taylor

Groundwork Park Spring Clean Event  – Saturday 1st June 2019

15 Ground work volunteers are coming along to work in the park on this day – what would the Park Friends group like them to do? three ideas please:

    1.  _______________________________________________
    2.  _______________________________________________
    3.  _______________________________________________
This is also an opportunity for the Park Friends to come along and help, set up a stall and raffle, have tea and coffee morning.    Leader needed to arrange this _____________

Have a Field Day Event – Saturday 6th July 2019

“Plan a picnic on your park or green space for Have a Field Day on Saturday 6th July”
Volunteer needed to arrange a park event.

Name of Lead :  _______________________________________________

Future meetings – now we have this facility we should make the most of it. Also need to consider that when it gets dark, we won’t want to be in the park at night with no lights. How do the members feel about occasional weekend daytime / afternoon meetings?

Date of Next meeting ____________________________________________

AGM – quickly approaching – new comittee will be needed – start thinking about who is suceeding current exec members.


To get in touch email

Friends of Tividale Park are members of SCIPS, Black Country and Birmingham Wildlife Trust and work closely with Groundwork UK